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How to Avoid Losing Three Weeks of Productivity

    For those of you who have talked to me in the last three weeks you know it’s not been a happy time. I’ll try to keep my ranting down to an acceptable level and perhaps we can all learn something.   Background:  Microsoft is very proud of their Windows 10 operating system. In […]

Great career advice

I read a great article in Fortune magazine this morning. (Notes to millennials: “read” is the older generation’s version of “viewed”; “magazine” is the beta version of a web post).  The online version is found here. The short version: (1) Prove you can learn (2) Your best investment is in yourself (3) Never stop learning […]

Using What Works

Using What Works – An Easy to Use Guide   I read a great article today by Tommy Jay titled “ How to measure marketing consulting services”  that’s worth your time. So with your limited time and resources, how do you measure new customers, lifetime customer value, and time and energy saved? You need a database […]

Bah, humbug

We all know the standard New Year’s Resolutions by now. Exercise more. Lose weight. Manage your debt. Save more money. There’s an app for all of these and a lot more. And most people make it all the way to February before effectively giving up on the resolutions. A personal trainer I know refuses to […]