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Bah, humbug

We all know the standard New Year’s Resolutions by now. Exercise more. Lose weight. Manage your debt. Save more money. There’s an app for all of these and a lot more. And most people make it all the way to February before effectively giving up on the resolutions. A personal trainer I know refuses to accept new clients in January; he figures that someone who begins in February will be more committed. So instead of resolutions, try these commitments instead.

  1. Be and stay healthy.  You can maintain and improve some even if you’ll never fit into your high school jeans.
  2. Put it on the calendar. Ink and electrons don’t forget what neurons do.
  3. Stop complaining and find solutions. Most things that upset you are temporary- it amazes me to this day how many people take out their frustration on the gate agent who, by the way, had absolutely nothing to do with the snowstorm/traffic/lost luggage that upsets them.
  4. Connect and retain connections. That person you met 6 months ago might be the key to making the sale or getting the job you want three years from now.
  5. Use your time wisely. Yes, it’s easy to kill time with Facebook and Twitter. But really, does knowing what someone had for lunch add value to your life?
  6. Borrow and re-use (and especially from non-standard sources). That’s what I’ve done here. The article I’ve paraphrased was written by Nicole Smartt and published in the Globe and Mail. Here’s a link to the original – thanks Nicole!


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