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Your financial health is something you should maintain year round – just like your physical and mental health. You can’t cram for a blood test or lower your cholesterol the week before you see the doctor, and you can’t address and resolve all your financial issues during the first two weeks of April. Don’t wait until April and expect miracles.

Much like a doctor’s diagnosis will be different with each patient, I can help individuals in different ways. Let’s start with the easiest:

I make your life easier.  No one enjoys reading IRS instructions, deciding which number goes where, doing math, looking through the tax tables, and then wondering if they’ve missed something or done something wrong. By the time the return is calculated, a normal person is just relieved that it’s (finally!) done and they won’t have to look at it again for another year.  In addition to relieving the pain of compliance, I can tell you what to do to help yourself in easy-to-understand steps.

Next, Planning:  Proper planning can help you pay less tax over time, save for retirement and education in the most tax-efficient manner, minimize out-of-pocket medical costs, and lower your effective tax rate. Different strategies will be used on different taxpayers to reach these goals, so the first step is to determine which goals are relevant to you.

Business planning: If you’re a business owner, you will have more complicated issues and, happily, more opportunities as well. I can assist with common issues – for example:

“Which legal entity is the best way to set up my business?”

“Do I have to collect and remit sales tax?”

“Am I complying with all required filings for payroll taxes, employment reporting, and 1099s?”

“How can I run my business without a full-time bookkeeper?”

“What are the top three things I need to concentrate on to make my
business successful?”

“How do I get the money out of the business, and to me personally, where it does the most good?”

Major life events such as marriage, birth or adoption of children, planning for and paying for higher education, entering the workforce, retiring, and unpleasant events such as divorce, bankruptcy, and death have financial implications, and you will need someone familiar with your specific history to assist you in an efficient and timely manner.

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