Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor

Quickbooks is the #1 Small Business Financial Software.

Since I’ve been practicing as a CPA for over 30 years now, I can tell you with a lot of experience that you get an enormous amount of capability combined with amazing ease of use. I also spend some time working with the mother-of-all-complexity software (SAP) and can find amazing similarities between the two. (Price is not similar btw.) If you begin with a version of Quickbooks, you can (if you choose) upgrade it to achieve additional functionality, and, most importantly to the small business owner – you are not locked in to either maintenance contracts or locked in with a particular consultant to maintain/improve it.

I’m a certified ProAdvisor, which means I can help you with your specific issues.

Finally, stop writing checks and envelopes by hand. Trust me, you’ll find something better to do with your free time.

Don’t forget, once you form a corporation or LLC, you still have to keep it legal by having annual meetings, board minutes, etc. Forming a corporation or LLC is not a “get out of liability free” card unless it’s properly maintained.

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