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The Texas Workforce Commission sent out an email on Monday March 6, 2017 which comes from a real person at TWC and starts with this: Account Number: (Your real TWC Number) (Your real Employer Name) Dear Employer, The Texas Workforce Commission has not received the Employer’s Quarterly Report for the quarter ending 12/31/2016 which is […]

“IRS” phone scam

I’ve received several calls from a computer that says “This is IRS. We have been trying to reach you. This is your final notice before filing suit.” The voice sounds very close to the voice on the IRS’s menu – the voice that thanks you for calling and advises you how long your estimated wait […]

Plan R for Email

The effects of the Windows 10 “upgrade” continue. I learned today that a client has been waiting (and let’s just say “for a long time”) for a response to an email sent while I was recovering from the Windows 10 debacle. I had opened the email at the time and kept it open as a […]

How to Avoid Losing Three Weeks of Productivity

    For those of you who have talked to me in the last three weeks you know it’s not been a happy time. I’ll try to keep my ranting down to an acceptable level and perhaps we can all learn something.   Background:  Microsoft is very proud of their Windows 10 operating system. In […]

Great career advice

I read a great article in Fortune magazine this morning. (Notes to millennials: “read” is the older generation’s version of “viewed”; “magazine” is the beta version of a web post).  The online version is found here. The short version: (1) Prove you can learn (2) Your best investment is in yourself (3) Never stop learning […]

Using What Works

Using What Works – An Easy to Use Guide   I read a great article today by Tommy Jay titled “ How to measure marketing consulting services”  that’s worth your time. So with your limited time and resources, how do you measure new customers, lifetime customer value, and time and energy saved? You need a database […]

Penalties and Interest

IRS Penalties and interest – The Very Basics for Individual Taxpayers     Interest is the easiest. For the past several years, the interest rate has been 3%, per annum, compounded daily, for both underpayments and overpayments.   There are three types of penalties most taxpayers will see: Underpayment of estimated tax Failure to file […]