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Plan R for Email

The effects of the Windows 10 “upgrade” continue. I learned today that a client has been waiting (and let’s just say “for a long time”) for a response to an email sent while I was recovering from the Windows 10 debacle. I had opened the email at the time and kept it open as a reminder that I needed to respond. BAD IDEA. During one of the reboots, or possibly during a middle-of-the-night software update, it got closed and then forgotten.

So – a new policy. If I can’t respond by end of day to an email, I print off a copy as a visual reminder. For some reason, when updates happen, Microsoft puts open excel and word files into a recovery pane, but not emails.

As a side note, check your email settings. I had been using a POP-3 server which was working fine, but apparently is no longer being supported. So before someone pulls the plug on your email, port it over to an exchange server – contact your IT person.

I’ve named the printing policy Plan R – not only as a reference to one of my favorite movies, Dr. Strangelove, but also because my client’s name begins with R.

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